Author’s Name : Baez, Joan. V

Volume 01 Issue o1  January 2014

ISSN no:  2348-3121

Page no: 10-13

Abstract— The interest on alternative fuels is continuously increasing to meet the growing energy needs and protect the environment. A successful alternative fuel fulfills the environmental and energy security needs without sacrificing operating performance. One of the successful alternative fuels is biodiesel which is gaining attention in the present day world. Operationally, biodiesel blends perform very similar to conventional diesel in terms of performance and emissions without major modifications of engine because the properties of biodiesel and conventional diesel are similar. biodiesel is prepared from hemp oil and  tests were conducted with different blends of biodiesel and diesel on a single cylinder four stroke diesel engine and performance and emissions are evaluated and compared with diesel operation.

Keywords—Alternate fuel; Biodiesel; Glycerin; Transesterification 


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