Journal Title: International Journal of Modern Trends in Engineering and Science

Author’s Name : Chong.M.S, Low.S.Y

Volume 01 Issue o2 February 2014

ISSN no: 2348-3121

Page No: 1-5

AbstractThe  possibility of  adding  several  watermarks  to the  same  image  would  enable  many   interesting  applications such as multimedia document  tracing, data usage monitoring, multiple property management. In this paper, we present a novel watermarking scheme which allows to insert and reliably detect multiple watermarks sequentially embedded into a digital image. This method  proposed based on elementary linear algebra, is asymmetric, secure under  projection attack and robust against distortion due to basic operations such as storage, transmission, format conversion, etc.

Keywords— Multiplewatermarking,linear  algebra,asymmetric, DCT, sequential watermarking


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