Journal Title : International Journal of Modern Trends in Engineering and Science

Author’s Name :Bijan kumar, Pradhik Metha 

Volume 01 Issue o2 February 2014

ISSN no: 2348-3121

Page No: 22-25

Abstract— Multiple-path source routing protocols allow a data source node to distribute the total traffic among available paths. In order to improve the QoS for multimedia application, which focused on the jamming free, delay-constrained and jitter- optimized traffic allocation problem in multipath routing. First of all, based on the network calculus theory, a deep analysis on the upper bound of delay in the single route transmission and deduce the upper bound formulation of delay and jitter in multiple route transmission, and find out the maximum income rate satisfying the delay constraint for a route. Then, based on the upper bound of delay and jitter, a delay-constrained and jitter-optimized traffic allocation algorithm was proposed, which distributes the traffic to a route in proportion to its maximum income rate, and does some adjustment to optimize the jitter. We show that in multisource networks, this centralized optimization problem can be solved using a distributed algorithm based on decomposition in network utility maximization (NUM). We demonstrate the network’s ability to estimate the impact of jamming and jitter and incorporate these estimates into the traffic allocation problem.

Keywords— Routing, Jamming, Jitter, Optimization,  NUM


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