Volume 1 Issue 8

Issue 8:



Author’s Name : Mr.S.Loganayagan, S.V.Mounisha

Volume 01 Issue o8   Year 2014  ISSN no:  2348-3121  Page no: 1-6

AbstractVehicle actuated (VA) is equipped with the necessary control logic to respond to the demand placed on traffic movements to be serviced. The main aim is to reduce the overall delays and optimizes the signal timings at the intersection, especially effective at multiple phase intersections. The objective is to design a system in which the traffic can be controlled automatically depending upon the density of traffic. To analyze the traffic flow characteristics we have to take the traffic volume survey for the roads to design the signal. When the design hour flows from various arms of all directions are surveyed by converting the flow into equivalent passenger-car units (PCUs), the optimum cycle time and green time for the minimum overall delay is calculated. The principle goal is to invoke a selected control strategy when it can provide the greatest benefits and thus maximize the overall effectiveness of the system.

Keywords— Fixed time signal, multi phase intersection, passenger-car units, traffic survey, vehicle actuated signal.



Author’s Name :  John Lieuman , Burkard M Vance

Volume 01 Issue o8   Year 2014  ISSN no:  2348-3121  Page no:-7-13

Abstract— Laser communication is one of the key space in wireless Communications. This paper includes analysis, optimisation, style and system level development of signal transformation between satellites or any 2 sources. that work equally to fiber optic links, except the beam is transmitted through free house. whereas the transmitter and receiver should need line-of-sight conditions, they have the profit of eliminating the would like for broadcast rights and buried cables. optical device communications systems will be simply deployed since they area unit cheap, small, low power and do not require any radio interference studies. The carrier used for the transmission signal is typically generated by a laser diode. Two parallel beams are needed, one for transmission and one for reception. this is often new wireless technology to transmit the info or sound signal from one section to different section through the ray of the system. this method is safety and while not radiation. therefore it’s not hurt to living beings. The system will seemingly transmit knowledge and sound abundant quicker than the different system (like 1GB/s). owing to this optical device communication system became a lot of common system than the opposite system. The paper foremost analyzed the elements of maritime optical device communication system, the paper created some explanations on the elements and functions of the servo system.

Keywords— Beam Control, LASER Diode, Servo systems, Optimization, Radio Interference



Author’s Name : K.Anjana  M.Lakshika

Volume 01 Issue o8   Year 2014  ISSN no:  2348-3121  Page no: 14-20

Abstract— In current technology, the prevalence of every kind of errors has become inevitable. By adopting AN rising construct in VLSI style, error tolerant adder (ETA) is developed. The ETA is ready to ease the strict restriction on accuracy, and at constant time achieve tremendous improvements in both the ability consumption and speed performance. For any transportable applications wherever the ability consumption and speed square measure the foremost necessary parameter, one ought to cut back the power consumption and increase the speed as a lot of as doable. standard methodologies to deal with this drawback, such as fault-tolerance and defect –tolerance, could become inadequate. Recently, the construct of error tolerance has drawn a lot of attention. beneath this idea, some defective chips (or systems) will still be labeled as acceptable, i.e., marketable, notwithstanding some outputted square measure inaccurate. Increasing massive knowledge sets and also the would like for {fast|for immediate} response need the adders to be massive and fast. Therefore, the ETA is a lot of potential to realize constant. The goal is to cut back the power consumption and additionally to increase the speed by sacrificing some accuracy.

Keywords— Error Tolerant Adder, Power Consumption, Residual Current, VLSI Technology



Author’s Name : R.Sumathy,Dr.P.Raviraj

Volume 01 Issue o8   Year 2014  ISSN no:  2348-3121  Page no: 21-27

Abstract Face recognition is a task that has been progressed in recognizing images of faces under more realistic conditions. Research in face recognition is aimed at coping with increased levels of image variability while maintain high recognition performance. Face recognition in a multi camera network undergoes various problems .The main aim of this paper is to make a survey on various available techniques of still and video based images used for recognizing face under varying light and pose variations and the proposed system will be an efficient technique in recognizing face under various illumination and pose variations.

Keywords— Face recognition, still image based, video based face recognition, multi view recognition, illumination variation.