Journal Title : International Journal of Modern Trends in Engineering and Science

Author’s Name : J Precilla | Dr P Maniiarasan2 | A T Sam Rajan

Volume 02 Issue 10  Year 2015

ISSN no: 2348-3121

Page no: 11-14

Abstract In the last decades, it is notably true for the main structural elements such as wings, spars, fuselage bulkheads, sudden failure could lead to the catastrophic consequences. For the strict safety experiments are carried out to check the structural components before usage. In this ongoing project, it is to ensure that the static load carrying capability of the wing-fuselage attachment bracket. Rarely an aircraft will fail due to a static overload during service life. In this project, Stress analysis will be carried out for the geometry of the wing-fuselage attachment bracket. For the stress analysis calculation the finite element method is used. In the transport airframe an attempt will be made to foresee the fatigue life of wing-fuselage attachment bracket. Fatigue cracks will appear at the location of high tensile stress. Fatigue life calculation will be carried throughout the service loading condition using constant amplitude S-N data for various stress ratios and local stress.

Keywords— Wing fuselage attachment bracket, Finite element method, bending moment


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