Journal Title : International Journal of Modern Trends in Engineering and Science

Author’s Name : Vasuki.S unnamed

Volume 03 Issue 02 2016

ISSN no:  2348-3121

Page no: 20-25

Abstract – The intelligent shopping system can significantly change the manner in which shopping is performed, thus easing the life of buyers, always confronting with time. The retail supermarkets of the future will present significantly less checking queues, with a view to develop the own services and those of the staff, within steps of efficient performing of activities specific to shopping . All in all, this chapter discusses about the overview of this project as it is stated clearly all the general aspects of this project from the problem background to the solving method. The progress in science & technology is a non-stop process. New things and new technology are being invented. As the technology grows day by day, we can imagine about the future in which thing we may occupy every place. This project is used in shopping complex for purchase the products. In this project RFID card is used as security access for product. If the product is put in to the trolley means it will shows the amount and also the total amount. But in this project RFID card is used for accessing the products. So this project improves the security performance and also the speed. The whole system is designed to be easily upgradable with many additional features and integrated with already existing solutions in stores. 

Keywords— The intelligent shopping system; RFID card; ATMEL 89C51; GSM; Bar coding;


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