Journal Title : International Journal of Modern Trends in Engineering and Science

Author’s Name : R Pravina | Prof M Arul Pugazhendhi  unnamed

Volume 03 Issue 04 2016

ISSN no:  2348-3121

Page no: 28-31

Abstract – The aim of project is to develop tool management system that is able to deliver access to anyone authorized organization anytime, anyplace on a perspective device. The system developed make use of rich tools available in the organization. The system shares the advantage of web application, automation, and standardized manner for the tools which is used in the service sector and admin in the organization and removes the disadvantages of the system. The problem solved in this system includes absence of human work to search the database for the tools which is used in the organization for service oriented work. No support for a document type simply means no access to the content of the document. Complexity of various software packages. Different document type use different software package which work in the way differ dramatically, which significantly reduce the usability. Security Virus and Spy ware hidden in the document maintenance. The longer the lifetime of software, more bugs will be exposed. Update and configuration on each organization usage of tool can be a headache.  At the end of the project, a web based Tool management system is developed. This system enable user to manage tools within the database with the support of database server is installed. In other word, the only requirements are a server and a web browser.. The study identifies the comprehensive functional requirements from existing Web-based collaboration systems, and finds out new user requirements by way of a Web-based survey in the world. Tool management system is an automated and standardized manner for the tools which is used in the service sectors and admin in an organization. Motivation to develop the project, there is a manual process to search tools in database & stock maintenance for the tools which are used in an organization. Security virus and spywares are hidden in the document maintenance. The longer in the lifetime of software, more bugs will be exposed. Update and configuration of software packages on each organization can be a headache.

Keywords— Automation; Standardization; Tool list; Master tool list; Supplier list 


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