Journal Title : International Journal of Modern Trends in Engineering and Science

Author’s Name : Najma K | J Stanly Jayaprakash  unnamed

Volume 03 Issue 06 2016

ISSN no:  2348-3121

Page no: 105-107

Abstract – Data sharing is an important functionality in cloud storage. In this paper, we show how to securely, efficiently, and flexibly share data with others in cloud storage. We describe new public-key cryptosystems which produce constant-size ciphertexts such that efficient delegation of decryption rights for any set of ciphertexts are possible. The novelty is that one can aggregate any set of secret keys and make them as compact as a single key, but encompassing the power of all the keys being aggregated. In other words, the secret key holder can release a constant-size aggregate key for flexible choices of ciphertext set in cloud storage, but the other encrypted files outside the set remain confidential. This compact aggregate key can be conveniently sent to others or be stored in a smart card with very limited secure storage. We provide formal security analysis of our schemes in the standard model. We also describe other application of our schemes. In particular, our schemes give the first public-key patient-controlled encryption for flexible hierarchy, which was yet to be known.

Keywordsconstant-size ciphertexts; security analysis; the first public-key patient-controlled encryption; data filtering mechanism 


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