Journal Title : International Journal of Modern Trends in Engineering and Science

Author’s Name :   S. Kalaiyarasiunnamed

Volume 03 Issue 06 2016

ISSN no:  2348-3121

Page no: 177-183

Abstract – In multi-storeyed buildings flat slab and waffle slab are generally engaged when column spacing is more. Flat slabs and waffle slabs are used in buildings in requirement of more working space like commercial buildings, workshops, assembly buildings, etc. The main disadvantage of structures with flat slab and waffle slab are there lack of withstanding seismic loads. Special features like shear walls are used to help the building to resist the lateral loads caused due to high winds and seismic loads. In this paper, an attempt has been made to investigate the seismic effect on multi storey building of G+9 & G+14 floors with waffle slab and flat slab using the software ETABS 2013. The seismic evolution is performed by response spectrum analysis as per IS 1893 (2002). It is observed that waffle slabs are advisable for structure with a height less than 40m, whereas for structures of height above 40m it is advisable to go with flat slab.

Keywords – ETABS 2013, Earthquake, Waffle Slab, Flat Slab, Seismic Analysis, Storey Drift, Maximum Displacement.


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