Journal Title : International Journal of Modern Trends in Engineering and Science


Author’s Name : Luwam Bahta | Abera Kechi | Nalankilli Govindan

Volume 04 Issue 11 2017

ISSN no:  2348-3121

Page no: 33-38

Abstract – Ethiopia has a great potential for cotton growing with availability of large land with suitable climate conditions. Hence, cotton is growing in different regions of Ethiopia both by small scale farmers and large scale mechanized producers. Cotton produced by different level of producers has to be maintained in its original quality until it reaches to textile industries. Cotton has to be processed by ginning process before it delivered to textile factory. Ginning process is used to separate seed from lint cotton before they can be spun to yarn and used to manufacture textile goods. Ginning, in its strictest sense, refers to the process of separating cotton fibers from the seeds. The mechanical force is applied to separate seed from the lint cotton and the mechanical force applied for seed separation may also affect important fiber properties. Therefore, the aim of this study is to asses and compares the effects of roller ginning process on important cotton fiber quality parameters including length, uniformity index, short fiber index, strength and Micronaire values. The study focused on cotton growing in Amhara National Regional State in North Gondar zone in Metema district for cotton growing by small scale farmers. Cotton samples were collected from five different farming areas in the district .and then the predetermined size of the sample from each farm was randomly collected using simple random sampling technique. Important characteristics of the raw cotton before and after ginning were measured by using High Volume Instrument (HVI). The statistical analysis was done using the SPSS software in comparing the quality parameters of cotton fiber before and after ginning process. It has been found out that important cotton parameters were significantly affected after roller ginning process.

Keywords – Ginning, Cotton, High Volume Instrument, Quality


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