Journal Title : International Journal of Modern Trends in Engineering and Science


Author’s Name : Aishwarya Thakraniunnamed

Volume 04 Issue 04 2017

ISSN no :  2348-3121

Page no: 150-152

Abstract – Mobile phones have been adopted as an everyday technology, and they are ubiquitous in social situations as users carry them around as they move through different physical locations throughout the day. As a communicative device, the mobile phone has been gradually taken up in ways that move beyond merely providing a channel for mediated conversation. One such appropriation is bluejacking, the practice of sending short, unsolicited messages via vCard functionality to other Bluetooth-enabled phones. To choose the recipients of blue jacks, senders complete a scan using their mobile phones to search for the available Bluetooth-enabled devices in the immediate area. A blue jacker picks one of the available devices, composes a message within a body of the phone’s contact interface, sends the message to the recipient, and remains in the vicinity to observe any reactions expressed by the recipient.

Key Words – Blue jacking,vCard,Bluetooth,OBEX Protocol, etc.,


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