Journal Title : International Journal of Modern Trends in Engineering and Science


Author’s Name : Savliya Riddhi | A J Shahunnamed

Volume 04 Issue 04 2017

ISSN no :  2348-3121

Page no: 175-178

Abstract – The effect of electro osmosis with injection of saline solutions on clayey soil was studied. A laboratory testing program was performed to assess the probable effectiveness of electro osmosis with the injection of saline solutions. This paper aims to improving undrained shear strength of soil by draining out water from soil subjected to specific types of chemical enhancement over a period of time. For achieving this objective and make process fast and effective different chemical combinations like 0.5M ,1M ,1.5M CaCl2 and 0.1N,0.3N,0.5N CaCl2 in 1:100 Na2(SiO2)n has been use at different voltages of 10 V, 20 V and 30 V. The quality of electro osmotic improvement could be enhanced by injecting solutions of higher valence, concentration and by applying higher electric potential. Results indicate that pH, electrical conductivity (EC) changed during the test. The average undrained shear strength of the soil treated with electro osmosis for 4 days after injection of CaCl2 and combination of CaCl2 and Na2(SiO2)n solution was 2.64 and 2.86 times higher respectively that with electro osmosis only.

Key Words – CL, Soil improvement, Electro osmosis, Saline solution, Undrained shear strength, pH


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