Journal Title : International Journal of Modern Trends in Engineering and Science


Author’s Name : Mrs Pushpalatha O | Mr Sampath K Airani | Mr Darshan S | Ms Roopa P D | Ms Ankita P Patel

Volume 04 Issue 06 2017

ISSN no:  2348-3121

Page no: 56-59

Abstract – There is a rapid development in technology which influencing the human life in several aspects due to rapid development in different fields but we still need to adopt that technology such that we can make human life more easier to live. In our Country it is not possible to supply LPG through Pipes to each and every home as production of LPG is too short. At present we are having an system smart LPG gas monitoring system for busy schedule people to book the LPG cylinder in advance. Another Major problem LPG cylinder users facing is “They don’t know exactly the status of LPG gas completion” makes even more delay in booking the cylinder which is uncomfortable most of the times. The main objective of our project is that first it will check leakage of the gas, if any leakage occurs then the sensor senses it. After sensing, buzzer and exhaust fan will turn on automatically. After that both message and call will go to authorized person. then our next step is to turn off the regulator knob automatically using gear motor. We can also include the feature called as weight sensing, to check the weight of LPG, if its weight reaches to threshold level, it will alert the authorized person through a message that acknowledge them about the reduced weight of the LPG.

Keywords – Arduino UNO, Gas Sensor, Weight Sensor, GSM Module, Exhaust Fan, Buzzer, Geared Motor


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