Journal Title : International Journal of Modern Trends in Engineering and Science

Paper Title : Study On Optimizing The Post Tensioned Concrete Floor Slab Members

Author’s Name : Mohammed Saleem Pasha, Amresh Babu, Mohammed Yousuf Ahmed

Volume 07 Issue 02  2020unnamed

ISSN no:  2348-3121

Page no: 23-26

Abstract – New methodologies for the conceptualization and style of post-tensioned flat plate block systems area unit Presented. Three primary goals of the analysis include : 1. Identification of best arrange layouts of Post-tensioned tendons in flat plate slabs, 2. Conceptualization of vertical connective tissue profiles complementing nontraditional post-tensioned connective tissue arrange layouts, and 3. Fast quantification and Reduction of delicate reinforcement quantities in flat plate block systems. A variety of optimization ways area unit obtainable for the optimization of slabs subjected to out-of-plane Gravity demands. These ways don’t absolutely describe the way to determine best post-tensioned connective tissue Conditions in arrange layout and in vertical profile at the same time. The arrange layout drawback is 1st Considered victimization ancient plate theory to see the directions of the stresses at intervals the plate. A case study, presently beneath construction, is delineated that utilizes a number of the ways mentioned in this analysis to demonstrate its exercise. Through a numerical comparison, material quantity savings area unit incontestable when put next to standard style ways.

Keywords: concrete; topology optimization; material efficiency; force density method; post-tensioned slabs