For Authors

Publishing Process

Paper Preparation
Each journal has its own objectives and scope as well as the requirements for publication so it is important to prepare the original content and download the Guide for Authors for that magazine for preparing your paper.

Paper Submission
IJMTES allows authors to submit the journals in online, refereed and peer reviewed in online by reviewers and Editors.

Once the document has been submitted , it is peer reviewed in online. Reviewers will check for plagiarism, flaws and validity of the content. Acknowledgement of acceptance/ rejection   will be intimated with in 4-5 working days.

Benefits for authors

Open Access
Access to quality research is vital to the scientific community and beyond . We support sustainable access and work hard to offer a range of options open access initiatives alongside our Accessibility ensure that everyone can read, use and rely on the latest research.

Service and Rights to Authors
At IJMTES, we are dedicated to protecting authors copyrights, and ensuring that any and all information and copyright legal regulations are addressed. As the author of the magazine , you retain the rights for a wide range of uses copyright of your article , including use by the institute for employment or business.

  •  Use a conference, meeting or teaching purposes and Service training for your organization
  • Share with colleagues individual articles for research use * (also known as “academic exchange”)
  • Use in a rear collection of the author’s works
  • To include in a thesis or dissertation
  • The reuse of portions or extracts from Article in other works
  • Preparation of derived work