IJMTES – Design And Analysis Of Drive Shaft Using Composite Materials And Ansys

Journal Title : International Journal of Modern Trends in Engineering and Science

Paper Title : Design And Analysis Of Drive Shaft  Using Composite Materials And Ansys 

Author’s Name :  Sayyad Khadar Sharief | D. Kishore Babu

Volume 07 Issue 01  2020unnamed

ISSN no:  2348-3121

Page no: 21-23

Abstract – Substituting composite structures for conventional metallic structures has many advantages because of higher specific stiffness and strength of composite materials. This work deals with the replacement of conventional two piece shaft with a single piece composite shaft for an automotive application. The advanced composite materials such as Boron, Carbon, and Kevlar with suitable resins are widely used now a days for automotive and other industrial applications especially for rotor applications because of their high specific strength (strength/density) and high specific modulus (modulus/density). Polymer matrix composites were proposed for light weight shafts in drivelines for automotive, industries. Present work is conducted to analyze the composite drive shaft model of Toyota Qualis, which is used for four wheel rear drive passenger cars. Boron/Epoxy, Kevlar/Epoxy, Aluminium-Boron/Epoxy and Carbon-Kevlar/Epoxy drive shafts are analyzed taking into consideration of the dimensional proportionality. Finally, considering the Density, Maximum Shear stress, Total Deformation from the analysis, Kevlar/Epoxy is acceptable to use instead of steel for the Toyota Qualis driveshaft

Keywords –  Boron/Epoxy; Kevlar/Epoxy;Aluminium-Boron/Epoxy; Carbon-Kevlar/Epoxy