Reviewer’s Role

Responsibility of Reviewers:

  • Maintaining the integrity of the magazine by identifying research is invalid and help maintain the quality standards of the journal and also to maintain the confidentiality of the review process : no share, discuss with third parties or disclose information from the review paper
  • Establish relationships with prestigious magazines and can also increase your chances of being invited to participate in an Editorial Board
  • Alerting the editor of any potential personal or financial conflict of interest and decreased check if there is a possibility of conflict
  • Comply with the instructions written on the expectations editor of the magazine about the scope, content and quality of the review
  • Provide a thoughtful , fair, constructive and informative review of the papers , which may include additional material provided by the sponsor magazine
  • Abstain from direct author contact
  • Avoiding  Personal comments and criticism
  • Establish your expertise and knowledge in the field and Having access to the latest research and discoveries in the field before colleagues
  • Learn about your discipline and the exercise of critical thinking skills essential for the practice of science.
  • Maintaining the timeline and responsiveness within the deadline

Consideration while Refereeing: 

  • Does the title suits with the content?
  • Does the abstract describe the content accurately?

  • Are the objectives clearly stated?
  • Is the argument expressed clearly, strongly and convincingly?

  • Is the article well structured?
  • Are there any irrelevant sections?

  • Is the field adequately covered? Are there any relevant areas that should have been included?
  • Is the article well-supported with bibliographic and other authoritative sources?

  • Is the information, or the interpretation of the information, new?
  • Is the information factually correct?

  • Are the conclusions supported by the discussion?
  • Are the supporting illustrations/graphs/other media well chosen? Do they add impact to the article?

Reviewers illegitimacy:

  • Infringing  the confidentiality of the review
  • Using the ideas or text of a manuscript under review
  • Making use of confidential information to achieve personal or professional benefit
  • Misrepresenting facts in a review and u

    nreasonably delay the review process

  • Employing hatchet job and using personal comments and criticism

Critic’s are expected to be:

  • Appropriate with IJMTES  submission and refereeing system
  • Promoting journal within professional networks

  • Review two to five articles  in twelve month period
  • Acknowledge promptly to requests for reviews [within five days]

  • Complete and return expeditiously reviews [four weeks]
  • Respect confidentiality at all times

  • Declare any conflict of interest [evaluation are conducted “blind”, but occasionally authors or reviewers to identify research projects. If this happens, we ask reviewers to contact the editor and reassigned the review].
  • Notify the editor of any change in email address

  • Notify the editor if for any reason it is not possible to carry out a review of the rights of 
  • Notify the editor if the author or co-author of an article submitted for consideration