Sponsorship Program is  the prominent services provided by IJMTES that is  to support the researchers and conference organizers. We provides conference organizers a privileged platform for the publishing of research work presented in conference proceedings. Sponsorship Program  is deliberated to publish scientific research and to establish long term International collaborations and partnerships with academic communities and conference organizers. IJMTES  invites papers from the INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE, NATIONAL CONFERENCE, SEMINAR conducted by academic institutions, organizations, university, etc.



It has complete responsibility for the financial, technical, publicity, and administrative running of the conference. Exclusive Sponsorship benefits are :

  • accepts the conference;
  • is liable for assuring the timely verdict of any legal issues;
  • is liable for issuing any finance that the conference might need and assuring subsequent repayment;
  • is liable for proper usage of the IJMTES name and logo;
  • is liable for defining the scope of the conference and managing the technical program.
  • is responsible for  managing the technical program, including oversight of the program development and review process and participating in peer reviews;
  • requires specific approvals
  • can use the IJMTES logo in  conference publication.